Carl Sandburg's American Songbag 2.0

Dean Gitter

2017 release. Gitter discovered, managed and produced legendary folk star, Odetta. On full authority from Carl Sanburg, Gitter and the Ute Gang have created their own genre of Renegade Folk Sandburg's 400-page collection published in 1927 included hundreds of American folk standards and was intended to make the songs accessible to the masses. "The songs had a simple piano line," Gitter explained, "so everyone could pick up on the tunes. It became the inspiration for generations of singers." "From the day I got my first guitar in 1952 until the eventual demise of the Folk Music Revival at the hands of new singer-songwriters," he recalls, "I was privileged to know and swap songs with most of the most important figures of that period: Burl Ives, Josh White, Pete Seeger and his sister Peggy, Tom and Paddy Clancy, Bob Gibson, Ed McCurdy, Theo Bikel, Paul Clayton, Odetta, Ewan MacColl and A.L. Lloyd, Sandy Paton, Frank Hamilton, Glenn Yarbrough, Ray Boguslav, Logan English, Richard Dyer-Bennett and John Jacobs Niles." Now 82 years old, Gitter has moved to New Mexico, and is returning to the music he loved as a child.

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