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The band Upsetting began in 2014 under it's former name, "Teenage Sexx." At the time the project consisted solely of guitar player Caleb Lewis, age 16. Initially, Lewis had intended for the project to be more of a solo endeavor, releasing demo-quality recordings from his childhood bedroom out of a tiny trailer park in Kirvin, Texas. After attracting the attention of music bloggers in multiple states as well as from local area musicians, Lewis eventually moved to Waco, TX, where he met bass player and cowriter Kevin Adkins. The two immediately found support when they started playing DIY gigs across Texas and eventually began making an impression on the larger Dallas/Ft. Worth music scene. In the summer of 2016, Lewis and Adkins made their way to Dallas, TX to work with Dreamylife Records (Ft. Worth) and around that time met Charlie DeBolt (drums). The members of Upsetting believe that music should be used to face the things in life that we find to be the most troubling in order to break through those barriers and to empower others to do the same. In the studio, Lewis and Adkins prefer raw vocals (devoid of any reverb or delay), putting every crack and imperfection in their voices right at the front of the music. Lewis in particular has a noticeably low range with a warmth to his voice that carefully balances grit and pain with beauty and melody. The crunchy bass and guitar tones and sporadic drumming hold the rhythm down like two bags of bricks, producing every beat with full force as it punches through your speakers. Each element embodies their ideology of creating forthcoming, accessible music that is as heavy-hitting as it is heavyhearted and unabashedly passionate.

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