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Buck Fuffalo

Buck Fuffalo, whose birth name is actually more difficult to pronounce than his stage name, started his routine at comedy open mics in Fort Worth and Austin, TX. He quickly found success branching out into the Texas music scene through his ability to entertain audiences with his Roger Miller like balance of humor and thoughtful songwriting. But, that's not even close to every ingredient that makes up the formidable cocktail that is Buck Fuffalo. His persona can be compared to that of the wilder days of Harry Nilsson. His songwriting contains a sprinkle of Kris Kristofferson, mixed with a dash of Marty Robbins and the humorous catchiness of John Prine. Buck's style and musical influences are an engaging combination of folky Americana and red dirt country. He is lightheartedly unique and playful as his name implies. His songs are everything from gunfighter anthems to side splitting comedy sing alongs. He writes songs that make not only the crowd happy, but make him happy as well. Buck is not settling for anything.

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