Bart Crow

"We are a country band, but we’ll be what ever you want us to be. That’s the beauty of doing what we do, the music’s free to be anything that you want it to be." That’s how Bart Crow describes their style of music. And with so many great bands running up and down the highways and with all of the great artist working here in Texas, it’s a known fact that one must come with their A-Game to make it here. Well, that’s just what the Bart Crow Band does every time they take the stage. Bart Crow describes their sound as "a unique blend of country & rock with a lot of heart & soul." "I love the music and stories of my heroes, Ronnie Van Zant, Waylon Jennings, and Johnny Cash, and I just do my best to do what they did, be real…that’s all". With songs that intertwine and weave stories that walk the line between redemption and despair, Bart Crow writes songs from the heart that leave you wondering, was singing about me, or drawing off of his own emotions on life, love, & friends. The Bart Crow Band is made up of some of the finest musicians that Texas has to offer, each bringing their own styles & sounds to the table. Drummer Charles Simons brings his heavily country influenced drumming style, while bassist Kirk Richardson, formally of Speed Trucker fame, brings his razor-sharp bass licks to keep the sound on a country-rock edge. Top it off with the blues-rock style of lead guitarist Paul Russell; what you’re left with is a hard working band that can light up any stage with their driving live performance.

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