Dan Johnson

2019 release. "It seems to me that songs are already out there, floating on the air. There are stories that need to be told, feelings that need to be communicated, and some of us are just chosen to be the conduits." - Dan Johnson. And so the story does go that Dan Johnson would meet the cast of characters from his new project "Hemingway," and through him they would whisper their darkened secrets long held, trusting the once ousted minister-in-training to guide them out and into the light. It all started with five songs, a string of individual tales woven into a concept piece so epic that the storytelling would not be sated by the confines of lyrics and music alone. No. These stories marched clear past those limits until a companion book came into view, in a collaboration with acclaimed novelist and journalist, Travis Erwin. It's a place where these weary characters could lay down their burdens, make their full confessions, and at long last, convalesce in their repentance. For Johnson, the hope for fame and the biggest music stages is not what drives his ambition. In this rat race towards stardom and instant celebrity, Dan would much rather have true conversations through his music. To him, those are by far the best shows in town.

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