Paper Airplane


So, what is a Chillamundo? Is it a chilled out armadillo? Is it a burrito with ice cream on top? Maybe it's the best band that you've never heard of from Fort Worth, Texas. Maybe it's Donkey Kong's cousin. Maybe it's the sound giant rocks and engine blocks make when you throw them into a swimming pool. Today Chillamundo consists of Denver "Slab" Williams (NOT the famous actor "Denver Williams" of Ray Donovan and Arlington Road fame), Neal "Fuzz Face" McAlister (probably an alien life form from Sirius B), Caleb "Stanislam" Stanislaw (The Hendersons, Deep Sleepers), and super handsome Nick "Nicholas Titticles" Tittle (Arenda Light, Vodeo, Polydogs). Chillamundo represents the collected, focused musical efforts of four worthy Fort Worthians. Founded in the year of our Lord 2016 anno domini by interstellar expressionist Denver Williams (Deep Sleepers, Vincent Neil Emerson, Chingalotus, Dope Hammer, Mega Hoof), Chillamundo exists to press against the feeble boundaries of modern rock / pop / musical noise.

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