Peace & Cornbread

The Buffalo Ruckus

2016 release. The Buffalo Ruckus' sophomore album Peace & Cornbread maintains the howling vocals and spear-in-the back guitar work that outlined the first album, but this piece of music is a more concise Americana record. Peace & Cornbread, produced by Jonathan Tyler features songs about love, travel, and spreading good in a world wrought with struggle and conflict. Peace & Cornbread also thumps with southern rock/country offerings, "High in the Garden" (a song written from the perspective of St. Peter at the gates of heaven), the hip shaking tune, "Mountain Honey," and the foreboding redemption song, "Possum." "Hills and Valleys" and "Carolina Calls" hint at a physical and spiritual journey through the Appalachian Mountains while "Lay Your Love on Me" leaves the listener begging for love. Everybody needs a little peace and cornbread in their life. Spread The Ruckus!

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