Probably Wrong

Parker McCollum

2017 release from the Austin, TX-based singer/songwriter. Probably Wrong includes all songs from Sessions One and Two, plus two previously unreleased tracks "Hell of a Year" and " "Learn to Fly". Parker says: "This past February (on Valentine's Day, to be exact), we walked in to Cedar Creek Studio with all of our gear, a stack of songs and Lloyd Maines at the helm. We walked out with a collection of tunes that pretty much sum up what the past year or so has been like for me, personally. The songs are about the messiness of life and love and the road and how sometimes those things don't jive together. They are about making choices - really hard, gut-wrenching choices - and the worry that comes after about whether it was right or wrong. Some are songs I've been sitting on for a long time. Too long." Probably Wrong was be released in three pieces. Session One, Session Two and then the full album.

Collections: Americana, CDs

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