Chip & Ray, Together Again For the First Time

Cody Canada & Mike McClure

Two songwriters who began playing music together 23 years ago, Cody Canada and Mike McClure teamed up for two memorable nights at the Third Coast Theater in Port Aransas, TX to perform songs from throughout both of their storied careers, the best of which were recorded for a new live release titled 'Chip & Ray: Together Again For The First Time.' Who are "Chip and Ray"? Those are alter-egos the two artists created for each other years ago - so long ago, in fact, that they can't remember which one is which. "There's a familiarity we have that is in there deep," says McClure, who collaborated with Canada's former band Cross Canadian Ragweed as both a musician and producer for most of their albums. "We've both been through the ups and downs of playing for a living and made it out the other side, happy and relatively intact." "It felt good to play the old tunes we wrote together, and to hear new ones for the first time," says Canada. "Mike, tough love-style, taught me how to write tunes. I don't know how I would've turned out without his influence. It feels great to be back in the swing of things with him again."

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