This Weary Land

Austin Allsup

2016 release from the country singer/songwriter. A musician whose dry wit and passionate musicality are present on every note of his music. His music showcases a music professional who is bold but not brash and confident without being cocky. Allsup is a rock star in the making, and he offers intense, multi-dimensional lyrics and strong vocals that can only be described as a perfect mixture of Eddie Vedder with the lyrical prose of Lucinda Williams. The similarities to Lucinda Williams don't end there, because both artists have famous fathers that loom large over their music. Williams learned the importance of lyrics from Miller Williams, one of America's greatest contemporary poets. Likewise, Tommy Allsup, famed lead guitarist for Buddy Holly and one of the most sought after session players of the 70's and 80's in Nashville. However, Austin chose not to rest on his family name, and he carefully honed his craft by strengthening his songwriting, vocals, and live performance.

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