Among the Rubble

The Gibbonses

How do we hold on to ourselves when we are no longer in control of our lives?

This is the undeniable question and journey that led us to Among The Rubble. It’s the search for freedom, forgiveness, and acceptance.

Each of these songs was inspired by very personal and painful experiences that happened over the course of our first year of marriage.

When we started writing for this record, we were at a place in our lives that no loving and living soul gets to outrun. Family members were growing older and more frail. Cries for help from loved ones and final farewells were becoming what felt like a daily practice.

As a newlywed couple, we were forced to put our vows of everlasting support and flexibility to the test immediately. We grew up this year. We grew stronger this year. And we created a timestamp for where we are as artists and members of this beautifully fragile world.

Among The Rubble is dedicated to our family. It was their unending love, support, and inspiration over this past year that made it’s creation possible. This is their story as much as it is ours.

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