This Town

Tanner Fenoglio

Nocona, TX native singer/songwriter Tanner Fenoglio is entering a new chapter in his life. One that has been in the making from the time he first picked up that sunburst ibanez acoustic guitar in high school. He has spent the last year in and out of the studio in Fort Worth, TX working with a group of uber talented musicians and producers to bring his songs to life. When asked about his upcoming EP and the long hours that he has put into making this dream a reality he simply says, "It's time." Tanner is center stage in his life with the inception, culmination, and release of This Town, his first CD that promises to touch souls and inspire people to open their hearts to their own past of trials and struggles, as well as fun times and fond remembrances. He describes his songwriting as "down to earth," and "true to myself and my life experiences." Growing up in a small town and being influenced by those moments in life that seem insignificant at the time, all helped Tanner forge those feelings into tunes such as "Cheap Gasoline," "Two Light Town," and the title track, "This Town." "I have always been a sucker for writing love songs, so I have always been able to pull from past experiences to influence those types of songs. A simple love song can have such an impact on someone that is going through a tough time or a break up. My first single is a love song called "This Ain't the Movies." It is about a guy who wishes his break up was a movie so he could have another shot at it but the reality is there is not alternate ending."

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