All We've Got

The Gibbonses

2018 release from the southern soul/Americana duo. It all started in the narrow, dimly lit corridor outside the crew cabins, deep within the belly of a Carnival Cruise ship. Jackie Pock, a nervous, newly-hired showband singer was about to meet her third boss in as many cruises. Brandon Gibbons was a no-nonsense, veteran music director with a reputation for cleaning house. In his four years with the company, he'd already been at the helm of several major overhauls of their entertainment program. He immediately whipped Jackie into shape, and with a band that was beyond solid, the two quickly became best friends and what would become musical partners for life. "It seemed like right away we began making plans to be roommates and have a band on land." Brandon recalls. Over the next couple of months and the course of more than a few magical performances, that friendship grew into something more. "Yeah, I'm proud to say that I shacked up with the management and got that room with a porthole that I always wanted!" Jackie brags.

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