B.W. Stevenson

Buckwheat Stevenson left too soon. B.W., as he was known, honed his craft in his hometown of Dallas and later emerged as one of the most important pioneers of progressive country; introducing a trademark sound that solidified him as a true Texas music treasure. Stevenson's legacy lives on today, having inspired the bustling Americana music scene. Now the official release of his final recordings will re-introduce a true legend to music-lovers countrywide. B.W.'s music remains at the core of one of the most important American music movements. The '70s ushered in a new side of country, fueled by outlaw-minded artists determined to turn the genre on it's head. Raw, rogue, and oftentimes rowdy, the official first generation of Texas musicians had emerged, with the likes of Stevenson; Willie Nelson; Ray Wylie Hubbard; Jerry Jeff Walker; and Billy Joe Shaver at the helm. But, like many of his counterparts, Stevenson had a winding road ahead of him. As many artist tales begin, B.W. initially struggled to break into the Austin scene. So the cosmic cowboy headed to Los Angeles to try his luck; landing his first major deal with RCA and recording his debut album, B.W. Stevenson; one of eight projects the label would release. B.W. eventually caught the attention of the town that had once rebuffed him and returned to Austin where he would reunite with his cohorts, such as Hubbard and Walker, and further drive attention to the sub-genre he helped create.

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